Why do shipping fees seem high to my country?

While we provide discounted shipping rates internationally, there are certain items that are flammable and are considered to be hazardous material (Hazmat). For instance, if the ingredient of an item has greater than 75% alcohol, it may be considered a Hazmat item.

Because such items may be flammable, they cannot be shipped by air without special handling and associated fees by shipping carriers. The shipping carriers such as Fedex or UPS charge a $40 fee to handle such items. This Hazmat fee is added to the shipping fee estimate in the shopping cart.

However, the Hazmat fee is a one time fee per package no matter how many units you order. As such, some customers order more units to divide the Hazmat fee over multiple items.

Hazmat items automatically get shipped by International Express (even when International Economy is chosen), because only UPS and Fedex are able to ship Hazmat items internationally.

Should you require further assistance or need to know if your item is a Hazmat item, please email us the item number and we will research the item for you.

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