Where's is My Package? I selected International Economy

International Economy (no insurance) is an economy service that delivers through your local post of your country.

International Economy is not a courier service like UPS and does not have a tracking system.

The package is delivered via your local country's parcel post after clearing your local customs.

This process can take 4 to 12 weeks from time of shipment.

You can graphically also see the International Economy processing steps at: http://ow.ly/FWz9301a8j6

Here is a summary:

1. Package is picked up at our facility (origin).
2. Fedex then delivers it to the Postal Service Mail Center in NJ (New Jersey). This step is trackable and only confirms that your package was shipped and delivered to the mail sorting facility before it leaves the United States.  This is not a unique tracking number for your package.
3. After leaving the NJ Mail Center, shipment is no longer trackable as it gets delivered first to your local customs office. 
4. Your local customs service then determines whether to hold your package for review.They will asses if package can be allowed into your country, if tax is due, etc.
5. The custom step can take an additional 1 to 11 weeks depending on your country's customs processes and post office
6. The package is then delivered with your regular parcel mail.
7. If an item is returned by your customs, we will let you know and give you a refund for the value of the items in the package.
8. Also please feel free to check with your local customs or post office if it has been more than 12 weeks as they may be able to let you know the reason they are holding the package.

If you require trackable, insured door to door delivery, we provide that option via FedEx or UPS at the time of your ordering and you can also change the method of shipment as long as the items have not shipped.

If your package has not delivered after 12 weeks following your order, please contact us and we will place a trace on your package. Please also contact your local post office as they may know why customs has held your package.

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    Per Erik Moerch

    Were is my package which I order two weeks ago?

    Tracking # 807755823851

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    Could you please tell me where my package is at this present moment

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