International FedEx and UPS Return Chargeback Policy

International FedEx Return Chargeback Policy


  •  The customer is responsible for local taxes. In event that a local tax or customs’ fee is not paid, FedEx or UPS will charge our account and we will bill your credit card on file as a courtesy.


  •  The customer is responsible for making sure that the products they order pass local customs. Please do not purchase items that you unsure will pass customs. If a product is returned by customs, FedEx or UPS will bill our account for customs and return fees, and your credit card on file will be charged accordingly. These return charges are often more than the initial shipping charge.


  •  International shipping charges are estimates. By purchasing from Medshop Express, you agree that your credit card can be billed based on actual shipping charges when the product arrives in your country. In such cases of cost discrepancy, you may have an additional charge on your credit card. However, the ultimate charge is still discounted approximately 70% from regular shipping charges.
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    Gim Dong Hoan

    The above policy ackn & acceptable,       Thanks/Gim


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    Paul Blaby

    The Google ad says free shipping over $75 and if u put "APRIL2020" you should get a %10 discount. All of these l tried in putting together with a shipment of Unisom costing $108. There was no discount on both options advertised.

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    Chris Strauch

    Hi I have not received my tracking number

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